Sad Songs on Repeat

by Dallas Davis

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released August 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Dallas Davis Marion, Indiana

."Music is what feelings sound like." I yell into a mic because I guess I'm in touch with my feelings. Enjoy.

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Track Name: So They'll All Sing Along
I'm hiding my pain I'll just put it in a song I'll make it sound pretty so they'll all sing along
Verse one:
And without that song my eyes will be wet
I'm put them in a box and I'll lay them to rest
So i don't have to see your face anymore I'll lock the box
and throw the key out the door
Verse two:
I here your voice as it calls in the night
like a song on repeat swimming threw my mind
so i'll take my ears off so i can't hear anymore
I won't hear your foot steps as you walk out the door
Verse three:
As much as i say it doesn't hurt anymore
when i think about you my heart hits the floor
So I'll cut off my lips so i can't speak anymore
and I'll get a new box and I'll hum the chorus.
Track Name: The Wicked Witch of the West
the rivers only as high as the rain will let it go and you're only as nice as your lies will let you go.
my hearts been flooded by the rain before but your lies won't catch me again, your lies won't catch me again.
I've seen your smile before like the wicked witch of the west
and you'll be smashed by a house and everyone will sing

la dat dat dat da da

so now i'm leaving on this road tonight
i'll be searching for a place that i'll call home
no one will break me and i'll be out on my own
singin' la dat dat dat da da

seeing as you'll be smashed be a house i'll be living large
there's something that i should say
(verse one)
Track Name: I'm alright (Like Bringing a Knife to a Gun FIght):Story Time.
There was a young man. who wore his heart on his chest. He loved for loves sake. Some said he was foolish, stupid, child like even. One day this young man met a young girl. He saw her eyes and her smile and he knew he loved her. They held hands an drank coffee telling storiesabout the life they'd have when they where older. He kissed her hand. She kisseded his forehead. He imagined her lips where soft. And that when he did kiss her those lips would be the last he'd ever kiss. That was his heart falling way to hard. Way to hard and way to fast. He really did love her. In five days he really did love her. But one day she left. She said she'd be back. She said that she cared. But the thing is when she left she was gone. It was unexpected. It was an end to a story that never really started. He felt like he brought a knife into a gun fight.
I"m alright and I'm okay I feel like better days will come some day maybe someday.cause I wear my heart upon my chest showing you all my weaknesses and my fall backs all my fallback. but maybe on a quit night you and i could find our way into each others arms. i wasn't ready for pain like this i just thought I'd just forget all about you all about.

I'm alright and I'm okay i feel like better days will come someday, maybe someday. And i'm okay and i'm alright but i feel like i brought a knife into a gun fight, into a gun fight. cause you put a bullet in my chest and i wasn't expecting all of this all the words that I've said i meant them. All the words that I've said I've meant them

but it's not my place to tell you where you and I should be cause if I was you i'd probably think quite differently but i've gotta be me and i can't wait for you i can't wait for you to realize i was there when no one else was. i can't wait for you to see me in the same light i see you in cause i gave you my heart and you hung it on your fridge

He wore the scars of a man freshly broken. the blood of there wounds couldn't be see but they could be felt. broken and covered in scars that where just beginning to heal. He was just beginning to heal. he was just beginning to heal.
Track Name: When I'm holding back my Tears
Soak up the sunshine (x2)
Cause it's gonna be grey(x3) Out side Outside.(x2)
It's a winter kind of weather and i'm sick of all the cold nights alone.
Will you be will you be my warmth when i'm holding when i'm holdin back my tears.